Day 2: Tubing in Vail

After resting until 2 o’ clock, we drove to Lionshead Village in Vail. We waited in the parking lot until 3, because after 3, the parking is free. In the village, when we came(in March) the village was very full, and there was a ton of people visiting. We went to the place where we bought our tickets, and the man gave us our tickets for tubing(after we bought them of course.) We went to the gondola and waited for about 3 minutes, as the gondola was free after 3:30. After we headed up, we went up to the left and entered a building. The people showed us a video of what to do and etc. We then left the building went behind the building and got our tubes. We got three runs with the tickets. We went up the hill with our tubes, on the “magic carpet.” We chose a lane, which were all seperated by a mound of snow. We had a choice of being spinned, not spinned, and going together(up to 4). You got in line waited, and brought your tube to the front, placed the strap that you pull around in the tube, and go butt first in. Then, once the predecessing tuber is out of the way, you were sent down. The first round, I spinned, the second with my mother and father, and finally, just normally. After that, we waited a bit and later went on the snow shoe walk. The walk was fairly short. It was educational and definitely not hard. The instructor was very nice.

After that, we went over to the gondola and coincidentally ran into the instructor we had during the walk. He told us about various landmarks and such.

Important info:

– After 3:00 parking is free at Lionshead Village

– After 3:30 the gondola is free

– The snow walk is free


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