Day 4: Snowboarding without an instructor

Today, I snowboarded with my mom, as my dad was having a ski lesson. By the way, my mom skiied. I tried to practice C/S turns, succeeded twice, and failed twice, and also bruised my tailbone. After that, I was more cautious and for most of the time did not practice it. At lunch, we ate at Powder 8. After that, I practiced changing direction. At the end of the day(3), I went down the path, and was doing fine, and then “accidentally” did a S-turn. After that, right in, front of the exit, this young woman was skiing with her friend and was blocking the path, and was going very slowly. I was behind them, and it got steeper and guess what… I touched her pole with the edge of my board, and somehow she toppled to the floor. I don’t even know. I apologized, and then skated to the exit. Then I returned my gear, and left.


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