Review: Pho 20 – 3 Stars

Pho 20 is located on 47 E. Beaver Creek Blvd Avon, CO 81620. To start off, the service was average. Not over the top, nor bad. We ordered Vegetarian Spring Rolls, the Thai Ice Tea Boba(with ice), P2 – Pho with raw beef, P5 – Pho with Shrimp, and P12 – Well done flank & brisket. The Spring rolls, were just right, except the wrap was sticky, and very hard to chew. The Thai Ice Tea with boba was most likely the worst, as the Thai Ice tea portion was way too sweet and had too little milk in it. The boba was too soaked, and not the pearly, squishy texture of the expectancy, some of the bobas were hard, and some were the opposite and were way too easy to bite through. The Pho was not per say authentic, but was most likely made of chicken broth. We gave a 15% tip.

I would not recommend this, but it is not horrible, or bad.


Day 1: Colorado

We flew to Atlanta at 5:10am, I slept during the majority of the flight, and when we arrived, I was still exhausted, and I slept for three hours, and we got crepes over near our gate at the airport. We got in the plane. We had a woman sitting next to us, so we moved to a empty row, as there was many empty seats. I slept the majority of this flight, waking up 46 minutes before arrival. I listened to my favorite artist, Ariana Grande, as we arrived here at the Eagle Vail, Colorado airport. My mom, and I went to the baggage claim area to pick up our bags. Some bags came out in a very single file line fashion and then the baggage belt stopped. We then regrouped with my father. He then went to his baggage area, picked up his bags and brought them over. About 15 minutes passed and we found our bags. My dad went to pick up the keys to our rental car, and then we finally jumped in the car and traveled to our hotel, The Sheraton. We checked in and took our bags up to our room. Our room was a suite room, it had a bathtub in the bedroom, a living area, a kitchen, and a large bathroom. The bathroom had a seperate shower and had a door leading to the toilet. The porch had a gas barbecue, and has two chairs. The room was comfy. We then went to eat at Pho 20, went grocery shopping, and came back to the hotel. We are now at the hotel. We may leave on the bus for Beaver Creek and ice skate. We are planning on using the barbecue outside for steak.